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Working and living with different ages ought to be the norm and here is a good view of it both mine and Candid thinking.

We need to think differently about age – it is becoming less relevant – and instead of handing down, retiring or even competing for jobs, we need to think about sharing, cooperating, learning together and mutuality. This will help both younger and older people from both a social and economic point of view. How do we start to make this shift?

There is great concern about the impact of the "system" (e.g. educational league tables) on young people and the "winners versus losers" culture that it creates. Are we measuring too much? Are we measuring the right things for the right reasons (responsibility versus control)? Are these metrics playing an appropriate role in the development of young people?

There is a challenge to overcome in the disparity between urban and rural areas, and the opportunities available to young people. How do we protect and cherish the differences, while ensuring that young people have the opportunities and exposure they want and need?

Even the government minister for the over 60s today said that over 60s could apply now for student loads, and he encouraged them to do so, although they would be leaving a debt of around £25K if they needed the loan in the first place. 

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