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PODCAST follow up interview on 'a new blueprint for business'

The challenges we face are that we are now getting stuck because we are not going to the fundamentals for change - the foundations - before we build a new world. We're still playing on a male pitch...and the testosterone is taking over!! This is a great time for men and women to really 'parent' the world together and bring new insights and wisdom ..and joy to our future.

Women are sabotaging the path to an easier more sustainable ecomomy where all the players know what they bring and use their time and effectiveness in the best manner. We're trying too hard to run through the storm when indeed we might bring more (common) sense to a solution that is within our collaborative grasp! Collaboration is about everyone contributing their best, knowing what is core and what is not, and how all diverse aspects of life, economic sense and social harmony align like planets in our solar system.

I was delighted to be interviewed by Working Week as a follow up to the article 'A New Blueprint for Business' posted here. Please do listen and I invite comments and questions please!

Interview; Pauline Crawford on Working Week

based on the article;

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Comment by Pauline Crawford on March 22, 2009 at 21:59
Step by step, conversation by conversation, I believe fundamental meaningful transformation will happen when we value our natural talents, motivations, desires, preferences and purpose! More and more people want to address 'work' in the alignment with their life and if there is a collective passion to create a healthier future then 'work' will evolve from the traditonal concepts we have known to a more sustainable socio-economic model .... I have worked for ten years within my cultural change work ( where I know that when people are enaged all manner of good thigns and women understanding their natural contributions to this beautiful world then we would regeard life at work much more... Love makes the world grow, wisdom is our guide and purposeful conversation is our mechanism for harmony in action...more on this when we next meet!!!
Comment by indraadnan on March 18, 2009 at 18:35
Hey Pauline.. Thanks for all this. I can't see anything wrong with your argument but wonder how you think change will begin to happen? As I see it, people find it very hard to see beyond the traditional concept of jobs, in offices, between the hours of 9 and 6 or 7. That already means they are compromising their children and themselves... The knock on effect is we have under-potentialised children, slightly alienated from society, looking for meaning but settling for thrills... Any thoughts?

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