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Tweetminster 10 Commandments for MP's and PPC's

Here it is! What do you think?

Here are the final "10 Commandments for Members of Parliament".

These commandments will be presented to all MPs and PPCs. Over the next few months and beyond the General Election, we will monitor the impact of these 10 Commandments to see if the actions of MPs live up to the standards that have been set. Our goal is to make a small contribution to making politics more open and accessible, and help the UK achieve a healthier democracy.
The nation's final 10 commandments:

1. Thou shalt never forget that politics is about improving lives. Other people's, not your own (9 % of votes)
2. Be honest with the voters (6 % of votes)
3. MPs shall treat constituents, stakeholders and staff as they themselves would wish to be treated - with genuine respect and good manners (6 % of votes)
4. Thou shalt hold the executive to account, regardless of Party affiliation, On behalf of the people of the United Kingdom (6 % of votes)
5. An MP should not give publicly-funded jobs to family or household members. Recruit openly instead, and advertise locally (5 % of votes)
6. Thou shalt not enter the political arena for personal gain (5 % of votes)
7. Thou shalt not outsource your judgement, independence or opinions to the chief whip (5 % of votes)
8. Thou shalt be able to demonstrate independence of mind (5 % of votes)
9. Do what you promised to do in your manifesto (5 % of votes)
10. MPs & PPCs should be transparent, open & engaging, and take advantage of all available channels (5 % of votes)

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Comment by Lee Chalmers on August 30, 2009 at 11:21
Ha ha. That would be great. If it could all just slow down to a rate that might allow for careful thinking and then strategic implementation, a lot more would get done!
Comment by Laura Walker Hudson on August 30, 2009 at 10:26
I like the independence of mind one. Do they have to prove they've read up on things before voting?

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