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What would it take for you to want to stand as an MP?

So, as I look at the election approaching, probably on May 6th, I wonder what stops your average women on the street from wanting to stand as an MP. I know for me there a load of things that put me off. The notion of my entire life being trawled through and serialised in the Daily Mail, the never ending comments about my face/hair/teeth/shoes, the disparaging analysis of my every word or worse still, a complete disregard for my existence as a candidate at all. That's assuming that I can decide on a party to full back. After all, I see benefits to all the parties and no single one has all the answers. So like a woman to have that view.

My thoughts are not uncommon. Loads of women I meet agree that having more women in parliament would be a good thing, that brining balanced leadership to the running of our country would have benefuts but very few are willing to step into the breach.

Have you ever though of running? What holds you back? Please respond to this question and DSP will see what it can do to address some of the issues in order to help more women into power.


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