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On International Women's Day, DSP enters Phase 2

The Downing Street Project is one year old. With the UK on the brink of an

election, our dream of lining up 100 new women to stand seems far away. Despite

plenty of excellent candidates, the eye of the needle is selection at party

level. There are more women short-listed, but very few that are chosen to run

for winnable seats – even where the local selectors are largely women. Why? At

the current rate of…

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Beginners guide to becoming a UK Member of Parliament

Many people have asked how to get the information necessary to start to think about becoming an MP. Here is a start at answering some of the most frequesntly asked questions.

What exactly is an MP?

The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. MPs are involved in considering and proposing new laws, and can use their position to ask government ministers…

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Masculine and Feminine energies

Hello everyone,

Lee has asked me to post this here, would love to hear your thoughts :)

All my best to DSP, very needed today...



One way to look at the world would be to look for signs of masculine and feminine energies and their interplay. As much of our current world is created through human interactions, understanding these 2 energies and their dynamics could be useful to understand what is happening around… Continue

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It's integrity Captain, but not as we know it

Mahatma Gandhi ( once received a visit from a woman concerned about her child who was eating too much sugar. Knowing how much the child revered the guru, she asked Gandhi to convince him to give up, afraid he would become diabetic. Gandhi listened to her, nodded his head and asked her to return in a week. On her next visit Gandhi told the young boy that sugar was not good for him and he should give it up. Asking why he could not have… Continue

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