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Gitmo Grrls - the view from International Law

From the peerless IntLawGrrls blog: "...a recurrent theme in IntLawGrrl Kristine A. Huskey's new book is, to quote her,

'the fact that women are woefully scarce in national security law, my chosen field. I do not mean to convey that I am the only woman in this field, as there are many women writing, speaking about, and practicing nationalsecurity legal issues, specifically relating to Guantánamo… Continue

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A 'family friendly' White House?

Mr. Emanuel said he knew the Obama-mania was waning in his household when he told his son recently that they would again be savoring father-son bonding time at the White House on a Saturday.

The 12-year-old did not jump for joy. He set conditions.

“I’ll go,” his son said, “but I don’t want to sit through another Iranian meeting.”

Read more on the… Continue

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WomenCount: The tightrope we walk

'...I felt a slight tug of the heartstrings when reading about Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan and her decision not to seek higher office. Madigan, considered somewhat of a rising star in the Democratic Party, has been rumored to be considering either a run for Governor or for President Barack Obama’s Senate seat in Illinois. Madigan even made a trip to Washington recently where it was rumored she had been asked to run for the Senate seat.

Instead, she chose to stay right… Continue

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Speaker's conference on Parliamentary Representation

The report of the Speaker's conference on Parliamentary Representation, looking at diversity and how to build representation by women, BME and disabled MPs, is available on the Parliament website.

"The special committee of MPs, set up by the House of Commons in November 2008, describes the slump in public trust towards political parties and politicians as being of "urgent… Continue

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