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Gitmo Grrls - the view from International Law

From the peerless IntLawGrrls blog: "...a recurrent theme in IntLawGrrl Kristine A. Huskey's new book is, to quote her,

'the fact that women are woefully scarce in national security law, my chosen field. I do not mean to convey that I am the only woman in this field, as there are many women writing, speaking about, and practicing nationalsecurity legal issues, specifically relating to Guantánamo ...'

She continued:

'[E]very one of these women will tell you that they, too, are often the only female speaker on these issues in a conference room or on a panel filled with men. The world can stand to have more women in fields that are traditionally filled by men.'"

The post ends with an inspiring list of the female international lawyers they know of.

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