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Listing of inspirational links with, by and about women, behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera:

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman.:
Jennifer Fox is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning director, producer, camerawoman, and educator who has been involved in countless documentaries over the last 25 years. Check out her website on and see her documentary series.


At Girlguiding UK we give girls a voice!

As a truly girl-led organisation, we’ve always sought and acted upon the views of girls. To help make sure girls’ voices are heard outside guiding as well we’ve conducted one of the most extensive surveys of girls’ and young women’s views by any organisation in recent years, representing their views to decision-makers and the public in a series of landmark reports. Because our report series helps 500,000 girls to pump up the volume in expressing their views we’ve called it Girls shout out!
Active citizenship: Girls shout out!

Active citizenship coverPolitical outsiders: we care but will we vote?
In our fourth Girls Shout Out! report published in December 2008, we explore what active citizenship means to girls in guiding. We find a generation of young women who care passionately about the issues that affect them and who play an active role in their communities. However, our members, traditionally among the most active citizens in their age groups, also reveal real disengagement from both local and national politics and question its ability to effect change. Working in partnership with the British Youth Council and equality campaigners, The Fawcett Society, this report examines the ways in which girls and young women participate in society and shares their opinions on how to engage this generation of potential voters with the political process


Platform21 = Repairing
Stop recycling, start repairing!
Download Platform21's Repair Manifesto in English on

Platform21’s Repair Manifesto opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling.
With our new project, Platform21 = Repairing, we seek to make repairing cool again – with your help. Let the manifesto inspire you, comment on it or add to it. Rediscover the joy of fixing things and share your most ingenious repair, your tips and your tricks. You could present them in person later, or see them on our website or in the exhibition that opens on Friday 13 March.
This project is about sharing knowledge and skills. Together we can start a movement, one that isn’t new per se but has been forgotten. So if you know a way to save a product, let us know by emailing info [at]

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