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Women and men, we are better together

BBC's Caludine Parrishn produced a great program on why we need more women in leadership. I've just caught the last couple of minutes of it on BBC World News. It was a beautifully crafted show. I don't know what was its title but someone with links to BBC could get in touch with them and try to get a copy of the program. It would be great to re-use in various actions and contexts of DSP.

The program featured students of the London Business School, organized into a male-only and a mixed team, both with the same task of brainstorming on the design of a new office environment. We saw the footage of both teams and some striking differences between them. The mixed team had less holding back, more attention to the holistic, relational aspect of the design, while the male-only team got lost in the minutiae.

There were also statistics about % of women in the board rooms:
Norway - 44.2%
UK - 11.5%
Italy 2.1 %

The high percentage in Norway explained by the fat that it is enforced by the law. The MP who introduced it was a male, a member of a conservative party, who argued or the bill not on equality basis, but on good business grounds.

The head of the European Professional Women's Network was interviewed, who said very wise things. I loved, "women and men, we are better together."

If somebody can find out from the BBC how we can get hold of the tape, I woiuld love to watch it again because I missed the beginning; so please let me know.

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Comment by Lee Chalmers on September 29, 2009 at 12:33
Hey George,

Someone just randomly sent me the link to it. You can watch again!

Lee :)

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