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celebrating you!

Celebrating the 100th International Women's Day, here's to you, female friends, a bouquet of fantasy flowers: .

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Women and men, we are better together

BBC's Caludine Parrishn produced a great program on why we need more women in leadership. I've just caught the last couple of minutes of it on BBC World News. It was a beautifully crafted show. I don't know what was its title but someone with links to BBC could get in touch with them and try to get a copy of the program. It would be great to re-use in various actions and contexts of DSP.

The program featured students of the London Business School, organized into a male-only and a… Continue

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Power, Powerlessness, and the Myth of Oppression

Interesting integral essay on Power, Powerlessness, and the Myth of Oppression by Corey W. deVos.

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Androgyny, now

Inspired by the conversations here, I've just posted "Androgyny, now", a new entry in my other blog.

If you feel that exploration is relevant to the DSP work, and prefer to comment on it here, please Add Comment below.

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Vision, strategy, structure of engagement

Indra wrote:

> That we should even separate our days into Work and Life is symptomatic of our inability to recognise and integrate the many diverse ways we create value.

I feel lucky to be alive in a time when there are fast-growing number of women and men who don’t want to bow anymore to the tyranny of the multi-millennial division of work and play.

I am… Continue

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(Soft) Power to the People! and the revolution starts within…

Reading Indra’s question on my Comment Wall, “Would you like to write something for the site,” I felt a big “Yes!” and wanted to jump to write, right away, but tempered my boyish enthusiasm for two days, out of caring and loving the work that you all are doing here.

I am still new to this community and am here, mostly, in a listening mode. I feel I can’t contribute anything of much value before sensing more of the field and discovering the resonance between it and my own appreciation… Continue

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