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Indra wrote:

> That we should even separate our days into Work and Life is symptomatic of our inability to recognise and integrate the many diverse ways we create value.

I feel lucky to be alive in a time when there are fast-growing number of women and men who don’t want to bow anymore to the tyranny of the multi-millennial division of work and play.

I am also lucky because my work and play/passion for facilitating evolutionary transformation in self, organisations and society are not different. It was not always like that. There were stretches of time in my life when I experienced how meaningless work can rob my life from its creative juices. Knowing the difference between then and now makes me an even more resolved advocate of a society guided by a dance of equals: Play and Care (Pat Kane), Reason and Instinct (Indra), or the forces of the feminine and masculine, from which the whole universe is built, not only the in stories about Shakti and Shiva but also what modern science is teaching us.

> We know that lasting political change only occurs when the people change, creating, in turn, a new context for the emergence of different structures and policy.

Yes, new principles and structures governance unfold from profound changes in the social relations of value creation and the socially mediated relations between women and men. Not only no man won't be free until all women are, but also vice versa. Socially defined gender roles that oppress both women and men, albeit differently, are the last bastion of our alienation from the wholeness of who we are. I joined DSP to declare my solidarity with my sisters (and brothers) who choose to go for destroying that bastion.

> However, what causes them to develop? To move from a passive yearning to an active self-development?

The moment of asking those questions feels to me the perfect moment to redirect our attention from “them,” and ask ourselves, what causes the questioners to develop? Self-reflection and the observation of the changes in life conditions that influence the transition to broader, more encompassing value systems are rich sources of an understanding that goes deeper than intellect.

> Consider the effect of Obama on global politics. He has given so many people a new vision of what is possible - not just for the US, but also within their own countries.

Yes, and during the campaign I rejoiced in visiting his site and reading the inspiring message in the top banner, which he said, “I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington… I’m asking in believing in yours.” We all knew that it was not just some empty, crowd-pleasing, political rhetoric. It was the collective intelligence and commitment of the millions who were involved with the campaign, which brought him to the White House. He galvanized the future-responsive capacity of the multitudes and it galvanized him.

Is there an engaging expression of the “Soft Power” vision that can attract a mass movement carrying it into the mainstream? Do we have a strategy and structure of engagement that opens the possibility for a large number of people to coordinate their action? Do those questions reflect too much a masculine way organising? I don’t know and want to find out. Please comment.

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Comment by George Pór on July 19, 2009 at 7:04
I've just discovered the KICK OFF FOR TEAMS @ WESTMINSTER event and made me think, with humility, that some of the ideas are wrote in this blog are obvious and the project may already be ahead of them. It must have been an important event. What came out from it? Is there a report posted somewhere. If there is it would be good to link it from the main page for easy discovery...

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