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June 2009 Blog Posts (4)

When doing good feels too good.

When you work in social/ ethical/ charitable industries, its very easy to meet amazing people who do incredible altruistic deeds for the rest of the world with no thought about themselves. But recently I have come across two other breeds of people that work in these fields too.

The first is the person who will work towards their cause tirelessly and at the expense of everything else. As a result their health suffers, their relationships break up, their families break down, all… Continue

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Centre for Women & Democracy E-Newsletter - Work for CFWD/Local Election Results/Vote for A Change

Here is the latest newsletter from CFWD

2009 Election Results

We have now completed some of our work on the 2009 European, mayoral and local elections. 33% of MEPs elected in the UK were women – a rise of 7%, whilst across Europe 35% of the new Parliament will be female as opposed to 31% before the elections. The country with the highest representation of women as MEPs is Finland (62%), with Malta (0%) the Czech Republic (18%) at the bottom. You can download the full… Continue

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Centre for Women & Democracy E-Newsletter - Elections 2009/Women Ministers/New News Blog

Here is the latest newsletter from The Centre for Women and Democracy. To view it as a web page click here. See back issues here. Many thanks to Nan Sloane, Director of CFWD, for permission to re-publish.

Elections 2009

Now that the results of the 2009 local, mayoral and European elections are all in, we… Continue

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Masculine and Feminine energies

Hello everyone,

Lee has asked me to post this here, would love to hear your thoughts :)

All my best to DSP, very needed today...



One way to look at the world would be to look for signs of masculine and feminine energies and their interplay. As much of our current world is created through human interactions, understanding these 2 energies and their dynamics could be useful to understand what is happening around… Continue

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