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Gitmo Grrls - the view from International Law

From the peerless IntLawGrrls blog: "...a recurrent theme in IntLawGrrl Kristine A. Huskey's new book is, to quote her,

'the fact that women are woefully scarce in national security law, my chosen field. I do not mean to convey that I am the only woman in this field, as there are many women writing, speaking about, and practicing nationalsecurity legal issues, specifically relating to Guantánamo… Continue

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A 'family friendly' White House?

Mr. Emanuel said he knew the Obama-mania was waning in his household when he told his son recently that they would again be savoring father-son bonding time at the White House on a Saturday.

The 12-year-old did not jump for joy. He set conditions.

“I’ll go,” his son said, “but I don’t want to sit through another Iranian meeting.”

Read more on the… Continue

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WomenCount: The tightrope we walk

'...I felt a slight tug of the heartstrings when reading about Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan and her decision not to seek higher office. Madigan, considered somewhat of a rising star in the Democratic Party, has been rumored to be considering either a run for Governor or for President Barack Obama’s Senate seat in Illinois. Madigan even made a trip to Washington recently where it was rumored she had been asked to run for the Senate seat.

Instead, she chose to stay right… Continue

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EVENT: Has Devolution Delivered for Women? Participation, Representation & Power, August 20th 2009

Has Devolution Delivered for Women? Participation, Representation & Power

Thursday August 20, 14:30 – 16:00, Committee Room 1, Scottish Parliament

Hansard Society and The British Council are holding this joint event at the Festival of Politics in Edinburgh. On the panel are:

* Joyce McMillan - The Scotsman & Chair, Hansard Society Scotland’s Working Group

* Johann Lamont MSP - Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

* Professor Alice… Continue

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Androgyny, now

Inspired by the conversations here, I've just posted "Androgyny, now", a new entry in my other blog.

If you feel that exploration is relevant to the DSP work, and prefer to comment on it here, please Add Comment below.

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Fixing the Economy? It's Women's Work. Washington Post article...

Fixing the Economy? It's Women's Work.

By Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Sunday, July 12, 2009

While the pinstripe crowd fixates on troubled assets, a stalled stimulus and mortgage remedies, it turns out that a more sure-fire financial fix is within our grasp -- and has been for years. New research says a healthy dose of estrogen may be the key not only to our fiscal recovery, but also to economic strength worldwide.

The sexy new discussion in policy… Continue

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Vision, strategy, structure of engagement

Indra wrote:

> That we should even separate our days into Work and Life is symptomatic of our inability to recognise and integrate the many diverse ways we create value.

I feel lucky to be alive in a time when there are fast-growing number of women and men who don’t want to bow anymore to the tyranny of the multi-millennial division of work and play.

I am… Continue

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Speaker's conference on Parliamentary Representation

The report of the Speaker's conference on Parliamentary Representation, looking at diversity and how to build representation by women, BME and disabled MPs, is available on the Parliament website.

"The special committee of MPs, set up by the House of Commons in November 2008, describes the slump in public trust towards political parties and politicians as being of "urgent… Continue

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A UN Womens agency?

Later this year the UN will vote on establishing a Women's Agency with a budget of a billion dollars. What would we like them to do? Read why Lesley Abdela thinks its important:

Finally, a UN agency for women

By Lesley Abdela, The Guardian

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The UN system has failed the world's 3 billion-plus women - but a new 'super-agency' may bring welcome change.

This autumn the UN general assembly will vote yes or no to a… Continue

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The Great Political Debate-Public Questions to Nick Clegg

Really interesting debate going on here with questions to Nick Clegg Lib Dem in so much the questions being asked to him from the public, which give a really good sentiment to what people-UK are thinking....from carers to ex army vets to single mothers responding...

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Operation Black Vote-BAME Women's Coucillor Shadowing Scheme


Could this be of interest to anyone who poss wants to run in the future?

There is just under two weeks left to apply for the ground BAME Women's Coucillor Shadowing Scheme!

The deadline is 17th July, so there is still time to apply.

For more info go to Operation Black Vote's site..


Irene R x

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(Soft) Power to the People! and the revolution starts within…

Reading Indra’s question on my Comment Wall, “Would you like to write something for the site,” I felt a big “Yes!” and wanted to jump to write, right away, but tempered my boyish enthusiasm for two days, out of caring and loving the work that you all are doing here.

I am still new to this community and am here, mostly, in a listening mode. I feel I can’t contribute anything of much value before sensing more of the field and discovering the resonance between it and my own appreciation… Continue

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When doing good feels too good.

When you work in social/ ethical/ charitable industries, its very easy to meet amazing people who do incredible altruistic deeds for the rest of the world with no thought about themselves. But recently I have come across two other breeds of people that work in these fields too.

The first is the person who will work towards their cause tirelessly and at the expense of everything else. As a result their health suffers, their relationships break up, their families break down, all… Continue

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Centre for Women & Democracy E-Newsletter - Work for CFWD/Local Election Results/Vote for A Change

Here is the latest newsletter from CFWD

2009 Election Results

We have now completed some of our work on the 2009 European, mayoral and local elections. 33% of MEPs elected in the UK were women – a rise of 7%, whilst across Europe 35% of the new Parliament will be female as opposed to 31% before the elections. The country with the highest representation of women as MEPs is Finland (62%), with Malta (0%) the Czech Republic (18%) at the bottom. You can download the full… Continue

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Centre for Women & Democracy E-Newsletter - Elections 2009/Women Ministers/New News Blog

Here is the latest newsletter from The Centre for Women and Democracy. To view it as a web page click here. See back issues here. Many thanks to Nan Sloane, Director of CFWD, for permission to re-publish.

Elections 2009

Now that the results of the 2009 local, mayoral and European elections are all in, we… Continue

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Masculine and Feminine energies

Hello everyone,

Lee has asked me to post this here, would love to hear your thoughts :)

All my best to DSP, very needed today...



One way to look at the world would be to look for signs of masculine and feminine energies and their interplay. As much of our current world is created through human interactions, understanding these 2 energies and their dynamics could be useful to understand what is happening around… Continue

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Startling Statistics

Startling statisitcs

I'm working on a presentation about the benefits of meditation and was researching some facts and figures about symptoms that regular meditation helps to alleviate. I was shocked:

3-5% of kids under 7 years old globally now suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and over 50 % of them continue to have ADD into adulthood.

Major depression is the No.1 psychological disorder in the western world.(1) It is growing in all age… Continue

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Time to Consider - Don't be a Sponge !

Has anybody seen these pictures in the tube station. The images said nothing more other than to give the website I was intrigued. I thought perhaps they were a website encouraging people to consider the more important things in life, like homlessness and war. Sadly no. When I logged onto the website, It showed all the pictures as per the billboards, and then asked people for… Continue

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It's integrity Captain, but not as we know it

Mahatma Gandhi ( once received a visit from a woman concerned about her child who was eating too much sugar. Knowing how much the child revered the guru, she asked Gandhi to convince him to give up, afraid he would become diabetic. Gandhi listened to her, nodded his head and asked her to return in a week. On her next visit Gandhi told the young boy that sugar was not good for him and he should give it up. Asking why he could not have… Continue

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Gen Y and Women

Hi all-

I just got sent this article and as I had just been on this site i started wondering how Gen Y trends will impact women specifically? Anyone seen any research on this? Very interesting article below... a few thoughts based on it:

1. If we are not supposed to supervise anymore, does that mean less discrimination by bosses? Less trying to fit into a certain model?

2. If we are going to increasingly exist by network, does this build on women's ability to build… Continue

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